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 If you have any questions or problems then please email us at mjrandroid (at) gmail.com before posting negative comments or ratings on the Android Market. If your problem is not listed below then please email us with your issue. The problems are usually not app related and can be fixed. We will get back to you within 24 hrs or sooner.

If you are having problems downloading from the market then try connecting with a WiFi connection and try again.

If you are having problems installing from the market then please check your email, your purchase may have been declined for various of reasons. If it has been declined then you should receive a email from Google stating it was declined.

Pictures Are Not Showing
If you are having problems with your Facebook pictures not showing up in the application then try connecting with a WiFi connection and trying again. You may also want to give it some time, the pictures need to load from the site and then can take a few minutes.

Not Receiving Notifications
If you are having issues receiving notifications then go to your Facebook account settings on the Facebook website and set notifications to be sent to you either by email or text. The notifications work for some and not others, when a fix is found then a update will be released promptly for the application.

App Is Force Closing
If you are having issues with the app force closing after a update then please do the following in order. If this does not fix the force close issue then please send us a email describing when you are receiving the issue and whether it is a new install or update install.
  1. Force stop the application.
  2. Clear the applications data & cache.
  3. Un-install the application.
  4. Restart your phone.
  5. Re-install the application from the market.
  6. Log back in to application

Friends List Is Force Closing
Unfortunately this is a known problem for some phones. We are aware of the issue and are doing everything we can to fix the problem. Please wait patiently for us to find a fix to the problem and a update will be released to resolve the issue as soon as possible.



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